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Steel Tipped Temperature Probe


These new steel tipped probes are epoxy sealed to increase water resistance.  The steel tip also transfers temperature change faster which can be beneficial in setups where the probe is monitoring air temp like incubators.  12ft length.


This style temperature probe will work with:

Herpstat EZ1 and EZ2

Herpstat Intro or Intro+

Herpstat 1 Basic

Herpstat 1

Herpstat 2

Herpstat 4

Herpstat 6 

Herpstat HP

Any Redline model

Also works with the following discontinued models:

Herpstat ND

Herpstat II

Herpstat Pro

Original model Herpstats with a serial number of 50102600 or greater.  Original model Herpstats (front of unit is green and serial number starts with 5010xxxx) with a serial number between 50101000 and 50102600 require an older style probe that is no longer available.  These units can be sent in and modified to work with our current temperature probes.  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.


Do you have a probe that is reporting an error such as Shorted, Missing, or Invalid Temp?  If so you may qualify for our free Probe Exchange Program.

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