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Dual Probe Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer

$12.00 US

We have had requests for an inexpensive device that measures temperature and humidity and while we do not manufacture these we have had good luck using them on our projects. 

This Digital Thermomter / Hygrometer has dual external probes.  One for temperature and one for humidity.  This is ideal for reptile enclosures so that you can measure humidity levels in the mid to upper level of the enclosure and the seperate temperature probe can be placed on the floor to keep an eye on under tank heater temps or in the air to keep track of heat panels or other heating devices that mount in the enclosure ceiling.   The units have a internal temperature sensor so that you can get ambient room temp readings as well.  We also like that they use a single AAA battery for long life and easy replacement.  


Indoor Temp Range:      0C to 50C     (32F to 122F)
Outdoor Temp Range     -50C to 70C      (-58F to 158F)
Humidity Range:        10 to 99%RH
Accuracy:         +-1C/+-5%RH
Wire length:        1.5m / 4.9 Feet
Power:     AAA Battery  (included)
Internal and Probe Temperature Reading
Record Max / Min Temperatures
Two Suction Cups For Mounting Probes
Magnetic Mount
Celsius and Fahrenheit Switchable

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