Herpstat HP


We are often asked about a solution for room heating or cooling control.  In the past we have recommended other brand industrial relay based controllers for this solution.  One of the complaints was the lack of features with those controllers and their reliability.  Our answer to this is the new Herpstat HP (High Power).   This non-proportional relay based thermostat was designed primarily for oil filled space heater control.  What sets this unit apart from other brands?  We included our safety relay feature so there is a backup component that can cut power should the primary power relay stick in the ON position.  Previously people had to use two thermostats inline for this type of protection.  We also have added additional sense circuitry that helps limit the electrical arc that wears relay contacts often resulting in 2 to 3 times longer relay contact life than other brand thermsotats. This unit can be used for heating, or cooling, or humidity control(with the optional humidity probe).  We have built in many of the typical Herpstat features such as High/Low tracking, built in adjustable night time temperature, ramping of temperature over time, audible alerts, and more.  The Herpstat HP comes in a wall mountable enclosure and includes a temperature probe with a 12 ft cord making it easy to find the right location to monitor your room temperature.  Power control is rated at 12.5 amps or 1500 watts.


This unit is specifically designed for room heating (oil filled heaters), cooling (box fans), or humidity.  This unit is not recommended for rack or cage temperature control.

The Herpstat HP comes with a temperature probe.

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Full specs:

·High Powered ON/OFF style control of heating or cooling devices. (usable range from 40F to 150F or 4C to 65C). 

·Temperature sensor included with an internal resolution of .1125 F and is accurate to ± .9 F

·Can be used with optional humidity sensor to control humidity instead of heating/cooling. 

·Can be used with optional humidity sensor for heating while monitoring humidity.

·Built in Safety Relay gives backup protection against a main relay failure causing a "run away" heating situation.

·Built in electrical tracking that typically improves relay contact life providing longer product life.

·User selectable temperature ramping.

·Sensor Matching allows the user to digitally calibrate the sensor output to match other equipment.

·Selectable day/night schedules with nighttime temperature setting.

·High/Low  tracking helps monitor heating system and enclosure efficiency.

·High/Low threshold alarms.

·Settings are retained in memory even if power is lost.  *

·Power Outage detection/tracking.

·Temperature can be set/displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

·Easy to read backlit LCD display.

·12ft removable sensor allows for easy replacement if necessary.

·Audible alarm system.

·Internal error detection shuts off heat if sensor fails or is disconnected.

·Flanged mount for easy mounting to enclosure or wall.

·Handles up to 12.5 amps / 1500 watts. 

·Replaceable fuse.

·7ft  input electrical cord.   7ft two prong (non-grounded) output cord.

·1 year limited warranty

* Software clock is reset and features requiring the clock are disabled on power loss.

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