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Are you going to come out with a 4 or 6 output SpyderWeb unit?

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Are you going to come out with a 4 or 6 output SpyderWeb unit?


This is a popular question and the answer is I am working on development of a 4 and 6 output version of the new SpyderWeb Wi-Fi enabled thermostats.  However, this year has presented many challenges with the covid virus causing delays in getting electronic components and eventually leading to my workers having to stay at home.  This means my development has slowed to a crawl as my wife and I are trying to run the shop by ourselves fullfilling orders, answering emails, and trying to keep things going.  I do have a single output version that should be able to be built and release by the end of the year since its based off the Herpstat 2 SpyderWeb design.  The 4 output version that I am currently working on in a best case scenario may be ready by spring of 2021.  That is my estimate at this time.  The 6 output would follow probably for a fall of 2021 timeline.  This all depends on if things smooth out later this year and that timeline could change (writing this as of 4/30/2020).  This does give time for the new technology to prove itself with the 2 output version and any discoveries to be included in the other model codes. 


I also have been asked if current models could have the wifi added to them as a external module.  They cannot.  It would not be cost efficient.  


I appreciate everyones support and patience with this project.  :^)


-Dion Brewington (Owner, Spyder Robotics)