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SpyderWeb Firmware Update Log

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The Herpstat SpyderWeb series firmware is upgradable.  As new features or patches are released it is advised to update the units.  To see if a new firmware is available for the device there are two methods.


1. Make sure wifi is enabled on the device and its connected to your network.  On the actual device itself enter the menu and you will see a Check For Update option.  Select that and it will reach out to our website to see if a newer version is available.  If so press the PLUS button to start the upgrade.


2. Connect to the device using your browser on your pc/phone/tablet by entering the Herpstat's IP address.  Log into the device and select the Admin screen.  At the bottom you will have a link for the firmware page.  The unit will display if a new firmware is available and you can complete the process from there.


Important:   Never unplug the unit or press the buttons while a firmware update is in progress.  It will reboot once the firmware completes. Some firmware updates will require a reset of the device settings.  After the firmware update is finished you may be prompted to press the ENTER button during the reboot with a message that the eeprom has changed.  This is normal.  Press ENTER and let it complete.  Once the firmware is complete adjust your settings as needed.


Firmware Revision History


Herpstat 2 SpyderWeb

Firmware 2.3  (04/24/2020)

Wifi password extended to 24 characters.  


Previous firmware had problem when being configured with apple products (iphones, macs, tablets) the unit would work until the power removed.  When power was reapplied an error reporting the menu was not exited properly would come up and for safety the thermostat does not provide heat until the user confirms the error which will then reset all settings back to default.  This was caused by browser differences in the safari web browser.  This solves that and includes many other safari related problems such as the passcode numbers not appearing in the configuration menu.


Mobile browsers should no longer try to autocorrect/capitalize password and email fields.


Internal hardware clock test was altered slightly.  


Updating to this firmware will reset all settings after the upgrade.


Firmware 2.1  (03/02/2020)

Launch firmware.