Herpstat EZ1 / EZ2 recall

An issue has been discovered on a small batch of Herpstat EZ1 and EZ2 units where the LED indicators were soldered in reverse causing the green / red colors to be swapped.  This would mean the indications would not match to what the user manual shows.  This does not affect temperature regulation.  


Current estimates show affected units would have been manufactured and sold in April 2018 and the first week of May 2018.  Not all units built and sold in this time were affected.  We expect somewhere between 20-25 units and most would be EZ1 units.


To determine if a unit is affected perform the following:


Unplug the unit from the wall.
Plug the unit back in and watch the LEDs.
Initially it will blink the firmware version.
The LEFT LED should blink RED once.  The RIGHT LED should blink GREEN once or twice.

If the LEFT LED blinks green when power is first applied then the unit is affected.


Options to service an affected unit:


Option 1:  The unit can be sent in for service using the following info:  http://www.spyderrobotics.com/repair
If the unit is shipped in via USPS Priority mail we will reimburse the return postage after we receive the product. We will correct the problem and ship back immediately.


Option 2:  You can purchase an identical model replacement unit from our webstore.  Once you receive the replacement you can send the original unit back and we will refund the new order.  We will also reimburse the return postage of the original unit if shipped back USPS Priority mail.  When shipping the original unit back with this option return the unit to:


Spyder Robotics
Attn:  EZ Exchange 
PO BOX 100
Chana IL 61015


We apologize for the inconvience and have taken steps to catch this type of build error in the future.  Any questions can be directed to sales@spyderrobotics.com


(Info as of 5/7/2018)

Units that do not have the problem are not elligable for shipping reimbursement.