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We are often asked about a solution for room heating or cooling control.  In the past we have recommended other brand industrial relay based controllers for this solution.  One of the complaints was the lack of features with those controllers and their reliability.  Our answer to this is the new Herpstat HP (High Power).   This non-proportional relay based thermostat was designed primarily for oil filled space heater control.  What sets this unit apart from other brands?  We included our safety relay feature so there is a backup component that can cut power should the primary power relay stick in the ON position.  We also have added additional sense circuitry that helps limit the electrical arc that wears relay contacts often resulting in 2 to 3 times longer relay contact life than other brand thermsotats. This unit can be used for heating, or cooling, or humidity control with the optional humidity probe.  We have built in many of the typical Herpstat features such as High/Low tracking, built in adjustable night time temperature, ramping of temperature over time, audible alerts, and more.  The Herpstat HP comes in a wall mountable enclosure and includes a temperature probe with a 12 ft cord making it easy to find the right location to monitor your room temperature.  Power control is rated at 12.5 amps or 1500 watts.


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By combining an off the shelf residential home thermostat and standard thermsotat conductor wire (not included) with the Herpstat Power Module you can have control over your supplimental room heat or cooling.  This product has a built in relay that controls the power and also has a built in power transformer that will power thermostats that do not use batteries.  This opens up the option to use a home thermostat's scheduling capability.  It also gives the ability to use a internet connected home thermostat so that you can check your temps while you are away.  Click here to view the Thermostat Power Module product page.


Herpstat 6 NOW AVAILABLE !!


(Pictures of one of our in house test units.  Production units will have jacks labeled.)

Herpstat 6.  We have often been approached by people that have cage systems that need more than four outlets and they would like to have it all in one unit for cost savings and simplicity. So the Herpstat 6 will be the big brother of the Herpstat 4 unit.  Menu systems are almost identical.  6 proportional outputs rated at 375 watts each with a combined total of 1800 watts 15Amps.  All outlets are capable of being programmed for heating, cooling, or lighting.  Two of the outlets also add humidity control capability. Each output is individually fused and the Herpstat 6 includes the important safety relay as well as our other safety features. Includes 6 temperature probes.  Humidity probes available seperately.