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Original Herpstat Probe Upgrade


This service is for original model Herpstat thermostats with a serial number lower than 50102600 (manufactured before 2007).  In their original configuration these units will not work with our current temperature probes and the original probes are no longer available. 

Add this item to the cart and checkout.  Use the order number as the return number and ship the unit through the local post office to:

Spyder Robotics LLC
Attn:  Probe Upgrade #(your order number)
PO BOX 100
Chana IL 61015

Once we receive the unit we will modify the circuit board to work with the current probe style.  The part and labor for this modification are free of charge.  You are being charged for the return shipping (which will be added during the checkout) and a new style probe which is included with the returned device.  To determine the return shipping cost  add this item to the cart and click the ESTIMATE SHIPPING button.  This modification is for fully functional thermostats that just require a new probe.  If you have a thermostat that needs other repairs contact us at


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