Thermostat Power Module



This power module combined with a seperate home thermostat (not included) can control an oil filled room heater or small room air conditioner.  The module is rated at 15 amps.  Advantages of this type of setup include:


High power relay based control.

Use of familiar home thermostat programming.

Take advantage of thermostats daily/weekly/monthly scheduling.

Built in power transformer can provide power to thermostats that do not use batteries.

Ability to use a wifi enabled thermostat to check your room temperatures from your smartphone or pc.


This product ships with the module and user's manual only.  You will require a residential home thermostat, 3 or more conductor thermostat wire, and a heating / cooling solution that does not exceed 15 amps.  Heating or cooling solution must be able to turn on/off by power control without interference from built in thermostat or controls.  This is for 120V indoor use only. Requires basic wiring using screw terminals.  


Click here to view the User's Manual for more details.